Intel’s Next-Gen Core i7-1370P With 14 Cores, Clocked At 5.0 GHz, Appears On Geekbench

A new Intel Core i7-1370P (Raptor Lake-P) processor has been found in the Geekbench database being tested. The product name used is Dynabook, so it’s not specified which one, but Dynabook doesn’t have a tablet or mini PC line, so it’s a new laptop.

So far, leaks of Intel’s 13th Gen Core mobile platform have focused on Intel’s H, HK and HX (45/55W+) series, all considered high-end gaming series. However, Intel seems to be preparing a low-power P series with a default TDP of 28W, which seems to be for ultra-thin notebook PCs and high-end tablets.

The Intel Core i7-1370P will be manufactured on a 10nm process and will feature the same hybrid core layout as the Raptor Lake desktop lineup. The new chip has six P-cores and eight E-cores. The processor operates at a base frequency of 1.90 GHz, which can be increased up to 5.0 GHz.

There is also a 24 MB L3 cache. The Core i7-1370P has 14 cores and 20 threads and has the same configuration as the current model Core i7-1280P. Since the size of the L1-3 cache is also the same, it can be said that it is a rebrand with only a clock going up. 

Also, when it comes to clock speed, this model boosts up to 5.0GHz, clocking 200MHz higher than any previous Core P series SKU. However, the base clock is not the best at 1.90GHz. The predecessor (i7-1270P) had a 300MHz higher (2.2GHz) boost.

As for the performance of the Intel Core i7-1370P, it scored 1,655 in single-core and 10,184 in multi-core Geekbench 5 tests. The performance is slightly lower than that of the Core i7-13700H. In terms of performance, sample data is insufficient to make a meaningful comparison. Still, based on limited data, the 13th generation Core model has higher multi-core performance due to the addition of two Gracemont cores.

Intel’s 12th generation Core P series was launched on January 4th of this year. Therefore, the successor is expected to debut at CES 2023, just over a month away.

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