iPhone 13 Leaks: Always-On display, 120 Hz Refresh Rate, And Portrait Mode Video Recording

According to the usual schedule, the presentation of the iPhone 13 will occur in September or October. However, the first data about the iPhone 13 are already coming to light.

According to the well-known YouTuber EverythingApplePro and the leaker Max Weinbach, the next Apple phone will have an Always-on screen similar to the one found in the Apple Watch. This would show the time, the battery percentage, and the most recent notifications without turning on the screen completely. In addition, the panel would be able to reduce its refresh rate when entering this mode, which translates into much lower energy consumption.

The iPhone 13 screen would also incorporate the ProMotion technology from the iPad Pro. This dynamically varies the refresh rate of the panel, which would reach a maximum of 120 Hz. In 2020, it was speculated that the iPhone 12 could integrate this technology. However, it seems that it will be its successor who finally incorporates it.

The iPhone 13 will be Apple’s first phone capable of recording video in portrait mode. To do this, it will draw on the processing power of the A15 processor and probably the LiDAR sensor. Once the video is recorded, it will be possible to modify the depth of field, depending on these sources.

The iPhone 13, on the other hand, will also have an astronomical photography mode that will allow you to capture the night skies in more detail and a more advanced wide-angle camera. Ming-Chi Kuo, in recent weeks, pointed out that the lens of the said camera would have an aperture f/1.8 that would capture much more light.

Finally, Max Weinbach and EverythingApplePro assure that the coating on the back of the iPhone 13 will be rougher — to improve grip — that the magnets of the MagSafe system will be stronger, and that, despite the low demand for the current model, Apple will release an iPhone 13 mini next year.

Apart from that, another leak states that the next iPhone could be one of the few phones in the world to have 1TB of internal storage and will integrate with an optical fingerprint sensor on the screen instead of an ultrasonic one.

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