Worrying signs your manufacturing efficiency is holding your business back

In an ideal world, your manufacturing process should reflect your quality and your dedication to client satisfaction. When a manufacturing process is at its best, OEMs can expect a rise in revenue, efficient inventory handling, high-quality end products, and many satisfied employees, customers, and manufacturing partners.

Unfortunately, when your manufacturing efficiency leaves a lot to be desired, it continues to pave the way for frustration and failure, holding you back from your true potential. Recognising the signs of poor manufacturing efficiency means allowing your OEM enterprise to take back control of its mismanagement and hands you the information you need to maintain high levels of competence within this crucial stage of production. Want to know more? Read on to discover the worrying signs your manufacturing efficiency is holding your business back.   

Your BOM Is Confusing and Inaccurate

Establishing efficient manufacturing processes starts way before your raw materials even hit the production line. It starts with your procurement team and your BOM. Your Bill of Materials is the document used to record the required components and the instructions for assembly of said materials and components. You’ll find a range of capacitor parts available here. Correct management of this document ensures that the correct parts are ordered and that the highest standards of quality are met, all within the agreed price range.

If your BOM is being mismanaged, then OEMs can expect all kinds of issues. From the ordering of incorrect electrical components, duplicate orders costing your business thousands in wasted revenue and surplus inventory, poor quality components ordered due to a lack of choice or delivery time-slot options, and poor interdepartmental communications. When you move your search for components online and utilise a BOM tool to source the parts you need, you can expect the efficiency and accuracy of your manufacturing process to improve.

Too Many Errors on the line

Another sign your manufacturing efficiency is holding your business back is the frequency of errors occurring on the production line. Whether it’s the wrong components, staff errors during assembly or confusion over the products, when your line is plagued by mistakes, it’s only a matter of time before it impacts your business growth.

Costs Are Spiralling

Are your costs spiralling out of control? Poor production efficiency is costing your business thousands, and not just due to slow manufacturing times, but when the wrong parts are ordered, your inventory is short, or if injuries and staff sickness becomes a problem due to a lack of training, then you can expect costs to spiral out of control.

There’s Too Much Downtime

From shift changeovers and cleaning periods, component changes and machine issues, downtime is sometimes necessary on a production line, but when it starts costing you money and affects the satisfaction of your clients, you need to take a closer look at the overall efficiency of your line and highlight the issues that are holding you back.

Final thoughts…

Is your production efficiency holding your business back? Consider these points above to make some vital changes to your production approach. 

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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