Meta Launches Paid Verification Subscription ‘Meta Verified’

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has launched a new paid service called “Meta Verified” that allows users to verify their identities and earn a blue badge, similar to Twitter’s verification badge offered through its paid subscription service, Twitter Blue. 

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, announced the launch of Meta Verified in a Facebook post, stating that the feature is designed to increase trust and security across Meta’s services, including Facebook and Instagram.

For a flat monthly fee of $11.99, if subscribed directly from the web or $14.99 if subscribed from iOS app, users can verify their accounts with a government-issued ID, earn a blue badge, receive enhanced protection against impersonation from fake accounts, and have direct access to customer support. 

Additionally, users who sign up for the service will receive exclusive stickers for their stories and reels and 100 stars, a digital currency that can be used as tips for creators on Facebook, for free every month.

However, the new feature seems to be lacking in terms of features compared to Twitter Blue. Twitter’s subscription service not only provides a blue check mark for verified users but also offers bookmark folders, the ability to re-edit tweets for 30 minutes after posting, custom navigation and app icons, prioritizing videos, uploading longer videos, and more. Twitter’s package costs $8 per month or $84 per year, making it more affordable than Meta Verified.

Meta Verified is available only in Australia and New Zealand but will soon be available in other countries. With the higher pricing and fewer features compared to Twitter Blue, it remains to be seen if Meta will change its pricing or add new features in the future. Regardless, the introduction of Meta Verified is a move towards monetizing beyond advertising, which could signal a shift in how social media platforms generate revenue.

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