The modern mobile app market: what has the pandemic changed?

To say that the pandemic has changed a lot is to say nothing. The mobile app industry has also changed, turning modern processes into a defining factor for its development.

Basically, the balance of mobile applications shifted: while some categories stagnated, others experienced rapid growth. At the same time, new trends have appeared on the market, allowing the latter to push the boundaries, and the former to get new chances in the struggle.

Voice control, machine learning, and AI

During the pandemic, users tried to touch their smartphones less. This is why developments in the field of voice control have become popular.

Moreover, AI and machine learning have become more entrenched in the mobile app industry. Recognition of speech, text, pictures, emotions, biometrics, chatbots, and much more – all these trends are already being actively implemented by companies offering IT services. And then we will see even more breakthrough solutions based on smart algorithms.

Remote work applications

Another imprint left by the coronavirus is the closure of the offices and the transition to a remote work format. While working from home is becoming the new standard, people are looking for solutions to communicate online and keep working remotely.

There was also a real boom in the education category. Distance learning has forced students and teachers to massively download apps for flexibility and continuity of the educational process.

Health and fitness apps

Today people are especially worried about their health. This means they need apps for health care, mental health control, stress relief, mindfulness, meditation education, various fitness apps, and physical activity trackers. Apps that offer home workout programs, online fitness programs with personal trainers and more are trending as well.


Applications that combine several applications at once that the user may need are already the minimum in the field of application development. A social network where you can immediately order a taxi, food, or find a job is a reality that is very much in demand.

Entertainment, social media, photo, and video applications

In addition to mobile games, entertainment apps have seen unprecedented growth, helping people feel part of society and relieving the boredom of being confined in apartments.


During the coronavirus pandemic, when shopping malls shut down, people increasingly began to use smartphones to shop. The number of app installs for grocery shopping, food delivery, or ordering clothes or home decor has skyrocketed. This trend will continue for a long time.

Financial apps

First, applications that help make the right investment decisions have gained great popularity. For people, investment has become something like a basic need and they began to look for solutions that can help them.

Moreover, the number of downloads of wallets, online banking, or trading applications has increased. All in all, financial applications are in high demand and have become an important part of the decision-making process for consumers.

What development trends should you focus on in 2021?

#1. Chatbots

#2. AR augmented reality

#3. Simplification of interfaces and design

#4. Artificial intelligence

#5. Machine learning

Wrapping up 

The prospects for the development of the mobile market are huge, as it shows a global upward trend year after year. The business is quietly but surely adjusting and restructuring to the mobile format.

However, coronavirus triggered changes that will stay with us for a long time. It is important for developers and startups to understand new trends and immediately apply them in their developments to provide users with something that meets their requests and needs.

Jenna Jose
Jenna Jose
Jenna Jose is an experienced gaming editor with a journalism degree and a passion for RPGs and strategy games. She's your go-to source for the latest gaming news and comprehensive game lists. Off the clock, she's all about retro games and board game nights.


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