RealityScan: Epic Games Launches An App For Creating 3D Models Using The iPhone Camera

Epic Games has released an app for iOS called RealityScan that allows users to capture all sorts of everyday objects as a 3D asset using their smartphone. RealityScan captures images of an object from multiple angles and then processes them to build a 3D object that you can use in your projects.

In the video, Epic Games presents the technology with a leather armchair that is filmed from all sides. The RealityScan then turns these 2D images into a grid model that can be embedded in a game, for example, via the Scetchfab platform, which is involved in the project.

On average, to create a 3D image, you need to take at least 20 photos from various angles. This is best done indoors with good light and plain walls.

According to Epic Games, the app allows you to speed up the work of recreating 3D models if you compare RealityScan with other similar tools.

RealityScan is currently only available for iOS in a beta via Testflight. The program based on first-come, first-served basis to 10,000 users has already been exhausted. It will be expanded later, and a version for Android is also planned.

Nvidia presented a similar technology at the end of March 2022 at its in-house GPU Technology Conference. There the system is called NeRF —- which stands for Neural Radiance Field.

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