Apple has decided to no longer include the charger with the new iPhone 12

Despite backlashes, power adapters are no longer included with the iPhone 12 because Apple assumes that most customers already have a USB charger. In this way, according to the Apple’s Environmental Progress Report 2021, 861,000 tons of metal ores from copper, zinc, and tin can be saved.

The iPhone 12 models are also sold in more compact packaging than their predecessors, which results the company to ship the device more efficiently as well. In some cases, up to 70 percent more boxes fit on the shipping pallets than on the previous model. This provides advantages in terms of transport.

Overall, Apple said it reduced its CO2 emissions to 22.6 million tons in 2020 — in 2019, it was 25.1 million tons of CO2.

We committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030 for our entire footprint—from our supply chain to the use of the products we make. Those same products now use more recycled materials than ever, like the 40 percent recycled content in the MacBook Air with Retina display, and the 99 percent recycled tungsten we now use in iPhone 12 and Apple Watch Series 6.” — said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president for environmental, political and social initiatives.

Apple’s environmental efforts are to be welcomed. But while the environment can be spared by omitting power supplies, the question arises as to why the iPhone 12 smartphones don’t also cost less than their predecessors. After all, Apple also saves the cost of the power adapter, and smaller packaging also makes transport cheaper.

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