Tesla Unveils the Enhanced Optimus Gen 2 Humanoid Robot

Tesla's Optimus Gen 2, an advanced humanoid robot, features significant upgrades including sensors in the fingers for precise object manipulation and a 10 kg weight reduction for enhanced performance. This second-generation robot, capable of more human-like movements and equipped with redesigned hands for delicate tasks, represents a major leap in robotics, poised to revolutionize repetitive task automation.

Tesla has unveiled the second generation of its humanoid robot, the Optimus Gen 2. This second-generation model retains the aesthetic of its predecessor but boasts significant advancements, including sensors in the fingers for object manipulation and a weight reduction of up to 10 kg without compromising performance.


The Optimus Gen 2, showcased in a demonstration video, features actuators and sensors developed by Tesla. A notable upgrade is the motion-controlled neck, allowing the robot to move its neck smoothly, akin to human movements. Tesla claims that the Optimus Gen 2 can walk up to 30% faster than the previous model, partly due to redesigned feet that mimic human foot geometry.

Enhanced with force and joint sensors, the robot’s movements are more fluid, improving balance and body control. This advancement enables the Optimus Gen 2 to carry heavier objects and maintain balance on uneven surfaces.

One of the most significant upgrades in the Optimus Gen 2 is its hands. The hands are crucial for a task-oriented robot, as they are needed to hold or move objects. The new hands feature more fluid finger movements and specific sensors to detect pressure, allowing the robot to handle delicate items like eggs and glass.

While Tesla has not yet disclosed details about the robot’s availability or commercialization plans, Electreck reports that Tesla intends to use the Optimus Gen 2 in its production operations. Eventually, once proven useful, Tesla may consider selling the robot.

There are still unknowns, such as the robot’s height and some functionalities that Elon Musk hinted at, including the ability to transfer personality to the robot.

Amaya Simon
Amaya Simon
Amaya Simon is a seasoned programmer specializing in smart devices, AI, and machine learning. With a Master's in Computer Science and a decade of experience, she writes to demystify complex tech. Outside work, she's a robot-building, origami-loving mom.


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