Tips for Using Websites in a Foreign Language

Everything that can be found on the Internet brings the whole world closer, unites people and connects places. We can read international news pages, and foreign blogs, and buy at overseas online stores.

However, all these websites are available in different languages, often not in English. Does this mean that a page that is created entirely in another, unknown language is of no use to you? You can still visit it and enjoy the experience, and these tips can help you with that.

There are numerous situations when you might want to make use of a foreign website. Sometimes, even when the content of a given website is provided in English, bad translation makes it impossible to conveniently navigate the page. As the Internet has a lot to offer, it would be such a shame to limit yourself only to your domestic websites. No matter if you wish to shop in a foreign store or play some online games, you should have a chance. The same applies when you are traveling abroad and wish to visit some domestic websites. 

Quite often, it is essential to properly understand the content of a website – like, e.g., in the case of online casinos. After all, it’s all about winning money. No matter if you are visiting a website in English and wish to play online roulette (รูเล็ตออนไลน์) in Thai, you should be able to get more than the grips of it, even if you are using safe, secure, tried-and-tested platforms such as, where the players are always put first. You need to know the rules and conditions, requirements, and regulations. However, there are some ways to understand every word on every website.

Automatic translation

If you are using the Google Chrome search engine, you have the whole task as facilitated as possible. Google gives its users an interesting option. It can quickly translate a whole website from any language into one of your choices. It might automatically translate the text on a website, and it will take no more than a few seconds. In order to get any page in the language of your choice, you will need to make some alterations in the Chrome settings.

If you change your preferred language in the settings, and website in a different language will be automatically translated for you – in most cases, a notification will appear that a given web page can be converted into another language. In order to change these settings, you will need to go to the Advanced Setting tab and pick the option you prefer.

When you use Chrome on your computer, you can easily change the language of a foreign website by checking the address bar. What you should find there is a little symbol used by Google for the translation option – you might be familiar with it from the Google Translate service. If it does not work, you might try refreshing the page. The downside of this solution is that it will not perfectly translate the whole content, and some paragraphs might sound strange, but you will certainly get a sense of it.

Websites’ safety

One more useful tip for using websites in foreign languages concerns your safety. Even when you are visiting some domestic platforms, you should always stay careful, but in the case of content in a foreign language, this aspect might seem more challenging than usual. However, there are some ways to check if a website is protected on a basic level at least. All you have to do is check the address bar where you enter the address of any web page.

If you can find a symbol of a locked padlock and the address starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP, it means that the page you are visiting is protected with the SSL protocol. It is responsible for the encryption of the traffic and sending data between your device and a server. It might not be enough to protect you from malware, so it’s good to use additional services and software. However, an SSL protocol is an indication that a given platform takes security measures serious and as such is much more reliable. It works internationally so you can check for the symbols explained above on a website in any language.

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta, with a Master’s in Tech and Digital Media, she's an expert in the latest tech trends and social media. Recognized in tech forums Nethra is known for her reliable insights. When offline, she loves digital art and gaming.


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