8 Ways to Get More YouTube Views

On a broad platform like YouTube, it’s not always easy to get noticed by an audience and stand out from the crowd. Since YouTube is full of content creators, millions of new videos are uploaded every day. Hence, it’s crucial to plan a strategy to get more YouTube views. If you don’t know where to start, this mini-guideline we planned may help you out. Now, let’s check out these tips to boost your YouTube views.

1.Ensure your YouTube basics are up to snuff

Although our first tips may seem quite simple, don’t ignore the importance of the basics of your channel. Make sure that your channel has a visually appealing profile picture and a banner. Customize your channel as much as you can and make it seem more professional. Moreover, you can also make your channel a more user-friendly one. Consider creating a playlist with your videos. As a result, viewers may stay in your channel longer and watch significant portions of your videos.

2. Zero in on your specific niche (and your ideal audience)

If you want to increase your YouTube views, you should aim to attract a specific audience. Therefore, make sure that you identify your content focus and niche clearly. You can also conduct research to understand your audience and their preferences. Consequently, you will gain a dedicated viewer base. Don’t forget the fact that most views on YouTube come from a loyal subscriber base.

3. Do your research, and improve your video’s search ranking

SEO is always crucial to increase your visibility. Therefore, conduct a keyword research to identify the popular keywords and tags. Then optimize your video titles, descriptions and tags accordingly. As a result, your videos will show up on YouTube search engine.

4. Use metadata to get recommended after a popular video

Getting some help from metadata recommender system can be an essential aspect. It will help you gain insights about your channel and your niche. Furthermore, metadata will help you identify the main characteristics of a video. Hence, don’t forget to include relevant keywords to your metadata videos.

5. Craft the perfect title

The video’s thumbnail and title are the ones that make you click on a video. Therefore, these two create the first impression. Make sure that your titles are interesting and informative. The titles can increase your discoverability significantly.

6. Spend some serious time on your description

Don’t underestimate the power of your descriptions. You should include some keywords that are popular and also relevant. The description box is a useful space where you can add links to your other videos and social media accounts. Description boxes can boost your views even though they are often overlooked.

7. Tag like you’ve never tagged before

Tags are highly essential when it comes to content creation. Make sure that you include some keywords in your title and description box. As we mentioned earlier, consider conducting keyword research to discover which tags are relevant and popular enough to increase your discoverability.

8. Increase your views with custom thumbnails

A visually appealing and eye-catching thumbnail is very important to gain more views. Thus, you can design a professional-looking thumbnail to attract new viewers. You can also use bright colors and add striking images to your thumbnails.

However, if you need a more dramatic and rapid rise in your views, you should consider getting further help. There are a lot of social media services that provide YouTube Views. Thanks to these services, we can now buy YouTube views. Some of these social media services even offer free YouTube views. If you need real-looking views with higher quality, Glowinsta is a great social media service to check out. On their website, you can buy views for YouTube on their YouTube Views section easily. It’s one of the best ways to increase your views rapidly.

Sumith Kumar is an online gaming and futuristic tech editor with a decade of experience. He holds a B.A. in Computer Science and is known for his deep insights into virtual reality and AI in gaming. When offline, he's a drone racing enthusiast and a creative photographer.


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