YouTube Announces Plans To Implement Generative AI On The Platform

YouTube’s new CEO, Neal Mohan, recently released his first message to users since taking over from long-time CEO Susan Wojcicki. In the letter, Mohan revealed several future projects for Google’s video streaming service, including plans to implement generative AI on the platform.

With the wave of generative AI that started with DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion and reached its climax with the appearance of ChatGPT, YouTube is set to ride this wave as well. Mohan complements this content by giving specific examples of how AI can be expected to be implemented on YouTube.

The generative capabilities of AI will enable creators to expand storytelling and enhance production value, from virtual costume swaps to creating fantastical movie sets. Mohan said that the main purpose of adopting AI on the platform is to expand the range of storytelling for creators and increase production value. He encouraged users to tune in over the next few months for the rollout of these tools.

Wojcicki had hinted at an AI project at YouTube before her departure in February. “With what we’re doing across shorts, streaming and subscriptions, and the promise of AI, YouTube’s most exciting opportunities lie ahead, and Neal is the right person to lead us,” she said.

Mohan’s letter also announced other developments for the platform, including more ways for creators to make money, more feedback from creators, more captioning languages, more YouTube TV, and more YouTube protections. However, implementing generative AI on the platform will likely be the biggest highlight for many users.

AI is not new for YouTube, as it has used the technology to make recommendations and personalize user content for years. However, integrating generative AI on the platform will be a significant development that could revolutionize how creators produce content.

While AI has the potential to enhance storytelling and increase production value, the technology must be developed responsibly. Mohan emphasized that the features will be developed over time with careful guardrails to ensure the technology is used responsibly.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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