FIDO Standard: Apple, Google And Microsoft Collab To Integrate A Single Passwordless Authorization Standard

Apple, Google and Microsoft have collaborated to adopt a passwordless login system to access websites and apps on their devices and platforms.

The launch of the new technology is scheduled for 2023. A single standard for passwordless login based on cryptographic keys was developed by the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance in conjunction with the World Wide Web Consortium.

The companies announced their support for FIDO Alliance standard to enable passwordless sign-in across all of their platforms. That is, FIDO passwordless login standards will be available in their mobile platforms, desktop and browsers, as well as operating systems over the course of the coming year — this includes Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS and Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Safari.

FIDO Alliance standard to enable passwordless sign-in

The smartphone will become the main authentication device in applications, websites and other digital services, according to a Google blog. Biometrics or PIN code will be used for entry. Security will be provided by a unique passkey crypto token, which is transferred between the smartphone and the website. The system has the ability to connect to the cloud so that new devices can also be incorporated under your same account.

Google Passwordless Authorization

You will only need to use biometric scans (such as your face or finger) or a device PIN to log in at every step. These efforts are supposed to prevent successful phishing attacks that trick the user into sharing passwords with hackers and scammers. 

Also, users are exempted from having to remember passwords or login details on all their platforms, and it will avoid having to use the same password for many services.

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