Apps All Online Gamers Need to Download

These days online gaming is so much more than just a bit of button bashing and joystick wiggling, as people take their gaming so seriously that the whole realm of eSports has sprung up out of nowhere.

This all means that it is no longer enough for a gamer to just engage in a few levels or melees; instead, they must dedicate themselves to being the best they can be, just as they would at work or during their studies.

In this quest to become part of an elite group of gamers there are new tools that are being designed with serious gamers in mind. Some of these are to aid their gameplay, while others are there to help build a community if a gamer wants to take things to the next level and become a full-time live streamer. Here we give a rundown of the apps that all gamers should have in their arsenal, so they can improve all aspects of their online gaming experience.

Some apps are really useful for when a gamer wants to engage with the wider gaming community

Discord is Where Gamers Build Communities

Spend any time around online streaming platforms or online gaming lobbies and you will probably come across this app’s purple icon. Discord is essentially a platform designed to connect people from across the gaming spectrum. For anyone looking to become an online chess streaming guru, a high stakes poker whizz, or just an entertaining battle royale foot soldier, there is sure to be a community or Discord group you can join to learn and grow from. Learning how to use the app is simple, with newbies quickly able to identify the sort of gaming community they wish to be a part of and then tapping into everything it has to offer, such as insider tips, free study tool access, and even advice from top players of games like chess, poker, and Call of Duty, to name but a few.

Of course, with online gaming booming at the moment, there are plenty of suitors to Discord’s throne as the number 1 place for gamers to hang out and build communities. Other apps that come close to achieving the same goal, just in a slightly different way, include nTask and TeamSpeak, with the latter being particularly good once you know how to unlock its full potential.

Trello Helps Busy Gamers Stay Organized

This app is far from strictly a gaming-specific app, but it is highly useful nonetheless for those people who love to game their days away. Trello is a platform that allows gamers to stay organized with everything from which tournaments they have coming up on their schedule, to the release dates of new games they may wish to try in the future. The app’s simple tile layout makes it all incredibly easy to use and can help people who struggle with organizing themselves.

Gamers apps

Many of the apps mentioned here have the potential to take a gamer to a whole new level

Twitch is Where Live Streamers Strut Their Stuff

If Discord is where conversation starters in the online gaming industry congregate, then Twitch is very much the epicenter of online game streaming, with some of the biggest names consistently pumping out live content on the platform.

Despite recent fallouts with popular streamers like Dr Disrespect and Tim the Tatman, Twitch remains the dominant force in live streaming, playing host to streams of everything from grand master level chess, all the way through to high stakes battle royale tournaments. Many of the chats connected to such streams then filter over into other apps like Discord, such is the interconnected way that online gaming communities function these days.

Upcomer Esports Caters to a New Breed of Fan

eSports teams are now such huge entertainment entities that their fans are always on the lookout for apps that can help them follow the online action better. Upcomer eSports does just that, acting as a hub for everything an eSports fan could ever wish to know.

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