4 Best Apps for Foodies

If there’s one constant in everyone’s lives, it’s that they need to eat and drink to survive. Whilst some people might see that as a bit of a chore, others revel in the delight that can be brought on by sampling the many flavours and taste combinations that the culinary world has to offer. 

These enthusiasts for food and drink are known as foodies, and they’ll be excited to hear that there are numerous fantastic apps that they can load onto their smartphone to help make their flavour journey even better. 


Yelp changed the restaurant game when it was introduced, allowing customers to post long reviews of their meals for the whole world to see. However, it soon became apparent that not every reviewer was using it with the most honest of intentions, and were mainly enjoying flexing their power over the restaurant industry. Plus, sometimes it’s hard to trust a review by just anyone, as you can’t be certain that their taste is aligned with yours. 

Step forward then ChefsFeed, who wanted to counter those failings of Yelp, and instead give people reviews of restaurant food that they could put their faith in. The way they achieved this is to get professional chefs themselves to recommend their favourite dishes at restaurants in your city. What better way to gain knowledgeable insight on delicious meals out than to ask those who create such magic. 


Not strictly designed just for food and drink, but Instagram is a must download for all foodies, as there are just too many accounts on there worth following, who will stimulate your own culinary masterpieces. There’s thousands of influencers who enjoy cooking up daily dishes that are loaded with swirling colours that look completely captivating displayed on their page. It will have your mouth watering in no time. 

If it’s your first time downloading the app, and you want to get a better understanding of how it works, then you can read up on the Instagram algorithm for beginners


There’s not many things more frustrating than finally coming home after a full-on day at your workplace, being absolutely starving, and when you open up your fridge you see a bunch of random ingredients staring back at you, suddenly overwhelming you with confusion as to what to actually cook up. This might be the time that you’d start ordering a takeaway, but if you do have a few ingredients left in your house/flat, then this app will both save you money and inspire you to get creative. 

Handpick allows you to enter the ingredients that you do have, and it will instantly show you numerous recipes that you can make. The greatest thing about this app is that it gifts you time that would’ve instead been wasted trying to come up with something decent for your dinner, allowing you to spend more time unwinding after a hard day at work. Meaning you can spend more hours reading a book, watching a series on the TV, or even playing some great online casino games. 

 If you do enjoy online gambling, and find yourself in the Middle East, then Arabian Betting are your best bet. They have the top options for countries in that area, including the best online casinos for Kuwait players. Their team of experts have scoured the web to make sure you get the greatest gambling games, served up with an easy to use guide, that explains everything you need to know to try and win big. Along with all that, there’s also much-needed tips that helpfully describe exactly what the legality of gambling in Kuwait is, making sure what you do is both safe and secure, and that you won’t run into any problems. 

Mixology Drink & Cocktail Recipes 

One thing that makes an exceptional meal even better, is by having an exquisite drink to pair it with, and when it comes to exquisite drinks, cocktails can bring that level of brilliance every time. It can be extremely maddening though, trying to remember all the different cocktails off the top of your head. Does this go with that, or is it this with that? Well if that sounds like a problem you have, then you should download the 8,500+ Drink Recipes app right now

The app has an immense library of seemingly every cocktail humanity has ever created, with simple instructions and highlight exactly what ingredients you’ll need to mix up the perfect drink. You can find all the classics, such as the Old Fashioned, or the Long Island Iced Tea, or if you’re feeling particularly daring, you can get the app to hit you with a random drink recipe to try. 

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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