Clubhouse Suffers Massive Data Leak: 1.3 Million User Data Exposed

Clubhouse suffers a data breach that leaves more than a million user recordings scattered on the internet without any protection.

According to Cybernews, an SQL database with 1.3 million scraped user data from Clubhouse has appeared in a hacker forum. The leaked clubhouse user data included names, social media profile names, and other details.

According to Cybernews, the data could be used for phishing attacks or other social engineering attacks. The report does not reveal whether passwords are also among the fished data.

This fact has been made public days after Facebook and LinkedIn suffered the same fate, with more than 1,000 million profiles together being filtered. The database has been leaked and for free in a forum specialized in hacking, with cybercriminals looking to buy accounts to carry out phishing campaigns.

Clubhouse is a popular audio social media app that is only accessible to invited users. Via virtual rooms, users can meet on topics and then hold them like in a telephone conference, whereby the moderators can bring participants onto a virtual stage so that they can not only listen but also deliver speeches.


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