Google One VPN Comes To Windows And macOS

Google extended the reach of its VPN offering to the desktop. Google One subscribers can now download VPN apps for Windows and macOS, allowing users worldwide to mask their IP on their desktops and reduce online trackers.

As in the past, Google has its VPN audited by an independent agency. They also share the source code of the app library for transparency. In the following weeks, the desktop app audit will be made public.

However, Google’s VPN service has some limitations. It can only be used in one of the supported countries. Using the VPN to circumvent regional restrictions for streaming content such as sports broadcasts is not viable.

Like Apple’s iCloud+ private relay, Google One VPN also doesn’t allow you to assign an IP address from another country manually. Instead, Google gives an IP for the region you’re connected to.

The significant advantage of Google One VPN is that it’s a bundle. It seems like a good deal because it comes for free with a convenient cloud storage option.

Google originally started offering VPN access to 2 TB Google One cloud storage subscribers in the US in 2020 as a complimentary addition to their existing $9.99/month plan. It has since expanded to 22 markets, including Mexico, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Google also stated that the Pixel 7  and 7 Pro would be equipped with this VPN service.

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