How do you replace Canva if this resource doesn’t work for you?

The Australian service Canva is one of the most popular tools among graphic designers and creative people who regularly work with images, videos, and presentations. It has gained popularity because it is suitable for beginners and professionals alike. Even the free version offered dozens of handy features, including a builder for all kinds of content. 

In the paid subscriptions, the possibilities were much more significant. More than 600 thousand templates, separate folders for each project, the ability to edit videos and images as a team, instantly remove the background and much more. But what to do if you are not comfortable with this program? If you, say, do not like the way Canva works with the design of logos for online slots and Indian casino roulette, what to choose? What alternatives exist?


Data visualization service, with similar functionality, is one of the best alternatives to Canva. The online editor allows users to create striking infographics, designs for presentations, banners and stories for social networks, documents and much more and has every chance to replace Canva.

With Visme, you can do projects in groups and share access via links with other users. The editor also collects information about visitors and views, which allows you to study statistics in detail. Projects can be viewed from your computer and mobile device.

The service offers free basic options and includes 100 MB of storage and limited access to templates. And if that’s not enough, you can take a subscription for $ 29 per month: then the storage grows to 250 MB, and the user will be available to all kinds of templates. And files can be downloaded in any convenient format: 

  • JPG; 
  • PNG; 
  • PDF.

An advanced business plan costs $59. Also, formats are available for downloading: PPTX (presentations), videos and even gifs. The only significant disadvantage is the limited size of cloud storage, only 3 GB. It may be a problem for a large business. However, a “Corporate” plan is also available for companies that provide 25 GB. But the price of the project is discussed with organisations on an individual basis.


A graphics editor can also be called a high-quality alternative to Canva. The service is suitable for processing photos, creating post graphics, and advertising.

RelayThat has a vast selection of templates for social networks that includes more than 3 million free photos and layouts (the accessible version of Canva has only a million)? The service allows you to create complex designs in just a few clicks, and the finished projects can be exported in any format. A disadvantage – in the free version, you can only download finished images with the RelayThat watermark. It is only suitable for some.

The paid subscription professional level costs $15 per month and includes the ability to create five different projects simultaneously and download media files from the service library without a watermark, having for commercial use. And there is SEO automation of images: it is enough to set it up once so that the photos on the Internet would gain more search traffic later.

Tariff plan “Pro +” allows you to work on 20 projects, and in addition to these options, it will enable you to download an archived folder with all related designs created in the service. A subscription is more expensive ($25) but can include two users.


This online editor specializes in creating invitations, banners, postcards, posts, and business logos. And here, you can create an online version and prepare it for publication or printing on paper – for this purpose, there is a handy editor.

Unlike many similar products, it supports many formats, including PSD and PPT, and allows you to edit PDF files. You can correct errors in the text and even change the layout of the pages.

The service also has similar functionality to Canva. Desygner can access vector images, stickers, backgrounds, web banners, and blog titles. It’s easy to drag and drop and edit photos in the editor. But most importantly, there’s free access to pictures and templates with no restrictions on their use: a gigantic library of templates and images (more than 150 million!). And you can use it all for free and without watermarks. But the free version could not do without restrictions, of course: in the templates, you can not change the size of canvases.

One of the obvious advantages is the relatively low cost, which is significantly different from competitors’ prices. Tariff “Pro +” includes sharing a project with five other users—access to 125 million photos, illustrations and videos, Shutterstock in place and all premium templates. Storage is unlimited, and you can schedule posts to multiple social networks. And all for $4.95 a month!


Another excellent replacement for the Canva app. The service requires no software installation – it works directly from your browser. It’s convenient, especially if you can access your projects from someone else’s computer. At the same time, the functionality of this mobile solution practically does not suffer: users can create branded images, presentations, and business cards for social networks in JPG, PNG, or PDF formats. And all this in a relatively simple interface.

There’s a free version, but you’ll get tired of fending off intrusive ads and can’t upload images in batches (one at a time only). But the paid ones aren’t too expensive. For example, the basic one for $8 a month includes 1GB of cloud storage, an extensive library of images and templates, and the ability to edit videos (or, instead, trim them).

Pro ($13) and Business ($23) have more features. Here and unlimited storage and PDF-format output are supported, special features automatically remove the background present, and an additional premium library opens. The only difference is that Business also allows you to edit documents in a team of several people – a must-have for groups with more than one designer on the payroll.

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