Intel Unison: App That Lets You Sync Your Windows PC With Android Or iOS

Intel introduced Unison — an app to sync iOS and Android smartphones with PCs running 12th Gen Intel processors and Windows 11.

When it comes to the possibility of keeping data and files synchronized between different devices — compared with the Apple ecosystem, one of the biggest shortcomings of Windows is the poor integration it has with Android or iOS. And Intel Unison is going to fix that problem.

Intel Corporation plans to provide seamless integration of personal computers based on its own Evo platform with smartphones using Unison technology.

Windows PC that has been certified under the Intel Evo program and equipped with 12th generation Intel Core processors (Alder Lake), in particular, some models from Acer, HP, and Lenovo, will be the first to receive Unison software support. In the future, owners of PCs based on the 13th generation Intel Core CPU (Raptor Lake), introduced on September 27, 2022, will also be able to use Unison.

Features of Intel Unison:

Intel Unison opens access to the four main functions of the smartphone on the PC: 

  1. making and receiving calls
  2. sharing photos and files (they are displayed in a special Unison gallery on the PC)
  3. receiving and sending text messages
  4. receive other notifications with the ability to respond to them in certain cases

However, due to iOS restrictions, Intel Unison will not be able to offer some advanced features to iPhone owners.

Now the owner of a Windows PC no longer has to choose a smartphone depending on what kind of computer he has. It doesn’t matter if it’s iPhone or Android; any device will be able to sync with a PC using Intel Unison.

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