Microsoft Edge Wants To Be A Browser For Gamers

Microsoft to make Edge the browser of choice for gamers. The new options in version 103 of Microsoft Edge make it easier and more direct than ever to access cloud gaming and even free games.

Earlier in June, at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, Microsoft revealed that it was working on additional gaming features for the Edge. With the release of Edge 103, these features become available in the stable version of the browser.

Microsoft’s idea is to enhance the gaming capabilities of Edge and Windows 11, offering new tools for gamers who spend their time in front of the PC.

The homepage has a new Games tab with game recommendations from Xbox Cloud Gaming and various news articles, as well as a new dedicated Games menu with free browser games.

Microsoft Edge Gaming Browser update

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers who enjoy cloud gaming options also have some exciting news — the arrival of the Clarity Boost option, which had been available in preview versions of the browser, and which allows streaming games to be seen with more clarity and definition than in other browsers. According to Microsoft, this technology provides “spatial scaling improvements that make streaming games look crisper in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and 11.”

Microsoft Edge Clarity Boost

Finally, another game-related feature is the new Efficiency Mode. When you launch a game on a PC, Edge automatically minimizes resource consumption, so the game gets more CPU power and more memory to work with. It is a resource management system designed to speed up the performance of the browser when playing.

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