Top 5 Online Businesses grow in Canada in the last 5 years

There are many online businesses that are thriving in Canada. 

As the world continues to go digital and move toward being completely online, it has been rather clear that one of the only ways organizations are able to potentially be successful – or at least enhance the chances that they have of being so – is to provide a service on the internet.

Naturally, there are a number of benefits that can be experienced when heading online, as businesses will immediately know that they will be able to target a greater market size as they will be able to reach more potential customers, whilst it also means they can remain available 24/7/365 days of the year, thus providing convenience and accessibility to any potential new or returning customers.

What are the top 5 online businesses in Canada to experience growth?

In this blog post, we will take a look at the five fastest-growing online businesses in the country. These businesses have seen impressive growth over the past five years, and there is no sign of them slowing down anytime soon as they continue to take advantage of the internet and make the most of the rewards that it has been able to provide them with.


Unsurprisingly, one of the fast-growing online businesses in Canada at the moment and over the last five years is the e-commerce industry

This sector has been booming all over the world, and Canada is no exception. Of course, there are a variety of different reasons why this is the case, although many will point to the fact that it is convenient and fits in with their busy personal lives which can make doing daily tasks rather difficult to complete. 

online ecommerce business

With more and more people shopping online for items such as clothes, electronics, and even groceries, it is no wonder that e-commerce businesses are doing so well here. As mentioned, it is something the entire world has experienced, too, and it would not be a surprise if we were to continue to see it grow and reach new levels in the near future, either!

Social media marketing

Another area that has seen significant growth in recent years is social media marketing. 

As more businesses realize the power of social media, they are increasingly turning to social media experts to help them promote their products and services. Organizations are now seemingly looking to take advantage of the global outreach that social media platforms can provide, with Canadians now able to connect with people in Australia, or in Asia and Europe at the click of a button and potentially conduct business.

Of course, with the rise of social media, many firms have started to change the way that they attract new employees for vacancies that they have available, as they specifically look to find potential candidates that have the qualifications highlighting that they can use social media to its fullest.

This is a trend that is only going to continue, and it is clearly good news for those in the social media marketing business.

Online Gambling (iGaming)

One of the industries to have perhaps experienced one of the biggest amounts of growth over the last five years is the online gambling industry. Indeed, this industry – which is also known as the iGaming sector – has seen a massive amount of growth in recent years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. 

Canada is already home to some of the world’s largest online gambling operators with an array of Canadian online casinos available to choose from, and this is only expected to increase in the coming months and years.

Indeed, Ontario has clearly paved the way recently as they have given the industry the opportunity to experience a greater surge in popularity and growth in the coming years and potentially allow the entire sector to boom in a way that it is yet to enjoy!


Cryptocurrency is another online business that is growing rapidly in Canada. 

This new form of money has been gaining popularity all over the world, and Canada is no exception. The Maple Leaf Country is one of a few locations in the world that has proven to be rather friendly to virtual currency, which has led to a vast number of the population looking to hold the certain tokens that are made available.

business in crypto world

Many will use them for a variety of different things, including investing or even gambling with crypto, which is why so many have begun to embrace crypto in their vast numbers.

With more and more people investing in cryptocurrency, it is no wonder that this industry is booming and will likely continue to do so in the near future.


With the continued use of the internet and the developments that technology has provided, cybersecurity is another online business that is seeing a lot of growth in Canada. 

As more and more businesses rely on the internet to conduct their operations, they are increasingly at risk of cyberattacks, as hackers and scammers are now looking to try and exploit any weaknesses that an organization may have after going online. 

Naturally, this has created a demand for cybersecurity experts who can help protect businesses from these threats, thus helping the industry to continue to grow as more and more individuals need the skills in order to do the role effectively as they come out of college/university.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, there are a number of different industries within Canada that have been able to experience a huge amount of fast growth over the last five years, although it could be argued that none have been able to witness the level of growth that e-commerce, social media marketing, online gambling, cryptocurrency, and cybersecurity industries have each enjoyed in that particular time period.

Whilst they have each had a huge amount of growth already, it would not be a surprise if we were to see even more growth take place in the coming years, either, especially if technology continues to help the internet thrive even further!

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