Clubhouse Has A Powerful New Competitor: Spotify Launches Spotify Greenroom

Inspired by Clubhouse, Spotify has just announced a new application — Spotify Greenrooms, designed to create audio rooms between different people.

InstagramRedditTelegramTwitter and LinkedIn are just a few names that have joined the bandwagon of virtual audio rooms. And now Spotify joins the rest too.

Spotify Greenroom allows you to create and join live audio rooms with a series of speakers and an associated audience. Selected speakers speak on a topic, and users listen to and interact with the talk. The application can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

To create a new chat room, we can use a Spotify account since we have the same username and password in both applications. However, if we do not use Spotify, we can create a new account on Greenrooms. Both creating rooms and joining them will be completely free.

Spotify Greenroom

But let’s not forget that Spotify’s core business is streaming music and podcasts. And from the company, they know that a good part of the Greenroom community will be made up of the artists already existing on the platform and their audience. Therefore, Spotify has already announced a fund for creators seeking to monetize this experience.

This fund will allow Greenroom creators to receive payments from Spotify, as long as they have certain popularity. Spotify has made a form available to creators so they can sign up for this fund.

One of the advantages of Spotify Greenroom, if we compare it with direct alternatives, is that here we can record the audio sessions so that later we can download them to listen or to upload them to other platforms. Perhaps Spotify is thinking of collaterally boosting its podcasting section.

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