Why is Virtual Home Staging a Perfect Choice for 2022-2023

The standard tools of a marketer include the creation and promotion of an object on the Internet, the opening of a sales office, the release of printed products, holding various promotional events, etc. Special attention is paid to the visualization of new buildings and apartments. 2D images are being replaced by volumetric renders and panoramic videos.

Virtual staging and virtual walks are gaining popularity, which has even greater demonstration capabilities. More and more Google queries like 3D virtual tours real estate near me and 3D rendering services near me are now arising. As well as more and more 3D rendering services are now offering their services. 

According to experts, voluminous visual content attracts people with different perceptions of information. Virtual apartment staging and 3D virtual tours real estate are positively evaluated even by buyers who make decisions only based on figures and objective characteristics. People like the effect of presence and involvement in the process, like in a computer game. 

The main advantage of virtual tours real estate is their communicative capabilities. They help to answer numerous customer questions as fully as possible without involving sales managers or visually confirm their words. Virtual tours for real estate increase the trust and loyalty of customers, which indirectly affects the adoption of a positive purchase decision.

Tasks of the virtual staging

VR staging helps developers and buyers in solving several essential tasks. 

  • With the help of virtual staging, managers can give comprehensive information about the apartment and answer most of the client’s questions in a short time.
  • Computer visualization and virtual staging allow you to demonstrate the apartment in the best possible way. Properly placed furniture will show thoughtful functionality, and competent light will emphasize the height of the ceilings and spaciousness. It helps you choose the finishing style from the developer and decide on the design of the apartment.
  • Thanks to virtual house staging, the buyers can view several objects without the extra time and choose a residential complex that meets their requirements.

Advantages of virtual staging

The use of virtual reality positively affects the choice of buyers and the communication strategy of the developer.

Some people find it difficult to estimate space based on bare numbers. 100 sq. is m a lot or a little? What kind of furniture can be put in a room with an area of 15 sq. m? How can a 12-meter hallway be used functionally? A virtual walk around the apartment will help you feel the size of the room, the height of the ceilings, and the location of individual rooms. Often, during a VR tour, the room looks more spacious than it seems on the technical plan.

If the developer offers several types of finishes, you can see how the apartment looks in all variants. Some companies connect a catalog of building materials for finishing to the virtual tour, which allows you to choose the final design of the apartment.

If there is a technical possibility, you can appreciate the view from the window, and walk along the staircases, entrance groups, and the surrounding area.

Prospects for the development of VR technologies in the real estate market

According to statistics, about 70% of people admit that virtual staging has a positive impact on the decision to purchase real estate. Market experts are also enthusiastic about the new solution. The introduction of virtual apartment staging and using 3D rendering service increases customer loyalty, while not significantly affecting the value of the real estate. The costs of equipment, visualization, and rendering of a virtual object take up 2-5% of the marketing budget and are not comparable with the costs of construction and apartment prices.

Nevertheless, analysts believe that virtual tours will not be able to completely replace real acquaintance with the object and live communication with the seller. After any demonstration, there are a lot of legal and organizational questions that only a professional manager will answer. But no doubt, it is surely worth using and virtual staging is the future.

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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