Microsoft Edge Launches Kids Mode To Customize A Safer Web Experience For Kids

Microsoft Edge launches a new feature designed for the little ones — Kids Mode — a mode designed for children to navigate the web safely.

Since many children nowadays spend a lot more time online and use the internet. So Microsoft wants to offer parents even more security through a protected online environment via its Chromium-based browser Edge.

As a parent, my No. 1 job is doing all I can to help keep my kids safe – physically, mentally, and emotionally.” said Microsoft manager Liat Ben-Zur in her contribution to the presentation of “Microsoft Edge Kids Mode” on Microsoft’s Windows blog.

Many families shared a primary PC, which is why the company primarily worked on the way to quickly and easily adapt shared systems for children. The mode can therefore be activated with just two clicks.

Using the account profile in the upper right corner of Microsoft Edge, parents simply select “Browse in Kids Mode” and the browser then prompts them to select the appropriate age range for their child. Microsoft differentiates between the two age groups from 5 to 8 years and from 9 to 12 years.

Edge Kids Mode

According to Microsoft, the two profiles should be preconfigured by default for maximum data protection and privacy and offer effective protection against activity tracking. Personalized advertising is to be blocked, and the strictest Bing SafeSearch ensures that adult texts, images, and videos are completely filtered out of online searches by children.

Regardless of the age group chosen, Kids Mode restricts the websites that kids can freely access. Around 70 popular children’s pages are preconfigured, but parents can completely customize and expand or limit them accordingly with just a few clicks in the browser settings.

If children want to open a website that has not been approved before, parental approval must be obtained and the website activated.

Microsoft has summarized further information on the Edge Kids Mode website and in the “Keeping your family safer” special on the Windows Blog. Kids Mode will be available in Microsoft Edge 90 for both Windows and macOS.

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