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These days players who believe they have or will soon have gambling issues such as gambling addiction can use blockers. These are either platforms or software that will limit or better said completely block access to gambling sites. As such a player won’t be able to gamble. There are a few options we would like to discuss here today and they will be explained below. 


It is the most popular and the most appealing method for UK players. GamStop is not software. It is a platform. The mission is simple. A player will register at GamStop and immediately his account at all gambling sites inside the network will be blocked. This applies to all UKGC casinos, betting sites, and more. It also covers certain MGA sites for betting, but there are still some online casinos not with GamStop requirements that do not have this option. A player will activate self-exclusion that can last 6 months, 1 or 5 years. Once the self-exclusion ends, he will contact customer support and the ban will be removed.

The platforms work only with sites that are part of the network. Luckily there are many of them and the number has been growing on a regular basis for years. In other words, the new sites add GamStop support as we speak. At the moment GamStop is working with GamBan to make the system even more successful and more commonly available. 


GamBan is software. You will have to download their app on any device you have. It can be used on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and even Linux. Once installed the software will block access to all gambling sites and betting sites. The software is so powerful that it will even block access to certain stock trading websites. 

The installation and configuration are simple. A user will install software, choose the length of the ban and basically, that’s it. Removing the software is not an easy task so you won’t be able to gamble for a long period of time. 

While GamStop is a free method that comes without any subscriptions or fees, GamBan is not. You can use 7 days free trial but after that, you will have to pay for a plan that suits you the most.


NetNanny is another software here and the one that has been commonly used by gamblers with addiction, parents, and all the rest who want to protect a loved one. Once installed on a device the software can be used to track the internet activity, filter the data, and comes with powerful parental controls. The software can also be used to block websites. A nice feature here is the ability to see online searches. As such if you want to help a family member with a gambling addiction, NetNanny is worthy of your attention. 

The app can be used on Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS devices. It is not a free method and you can choose between 3 different plans. However, prices are more than just affordable and they allow you to use the app on multiple devices. Now you can use the app on Fire OS devices as well which maximizes the overall efficiency.


This is free software and the one most players have been using at certain points. You can install it on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or even Fire OS devices. Once installed it will block access to almost 15.000 gambling websites. 

The option here comes with advanced parental controls and it is extremely easy to use. It is not the newest option here but the one that works well has many special features and can help you more than you can imagine right now. If needed you can contact customer support and get additional help at any given moment. You can also use their FAQ section on the official website to learn more about this method for blocking gambling sites. 


Yes, it is another software that some players have been using and all of them claim that it does work well. The software can be used on multiple devices with different operating systems. Android phones, Windows computers, and more are all supported. Installation is simple and the end result is promising.

One of the main advantages here is the algorithm the software uses. It is very advanced and works perfectly. What this means is that it can detect gambling sites easily and block access to all of them instantly. Then, you won’t be able to visit or gamble at those websites. This is an amazing capability and one of the main perks the software has to offer. The option is not free and comes with different pricing options and different features.


If you have gambling addiction or you are worried about some person in your family then these blocking options are the thing to go for. All of them are effective, developed to perfection and use the latest technologies. They also work on multiple devices which are important these days. Some of these are free while others are not. Hence, you can choose the one that works best in your case scenario and just use it. 

Jenna Jose
Jenna Jose
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