Oppo Introduces MagVOOC: Its Alternative To Apple’s MagSafe

Shortly after Realme has introduced its magnetic wireless charging technology, MagDart — which is a copy of Apple’s MagSafe, Oppo has followed suit by introducing MagVOOC, its own practically the same alternative.

At the event 2021 China International Smart Industry Expo, OPPO revealed to the audience how its magnetic wireless charging standard is. Together with the announcement of MagVOOC, Oppo presented three conceptual products with support for the new technology — MagVOOC ultra-thin portable magnetic charger, MagVOOC vertical magnetic wireless charging dock, and MagVOOC magnetic suction wireless charging power bank.

The first is a 20W charger in horizontal format, while the second is vertical and has up to 40W of power. In addition, Oppo has followed in Apple’s footsteps and has presented its own attachable external battery. The vertical support, which keeps the phone suspended in the air, can charge 4,000 mAh in about 56 minutes. The smallest charger literally looks like the Realme but changed color, being compatible with the 20W AirVOOC standard. This one can charge 4,500 mAh in 2 hours.

Oppo MagVOOC magnetic wireless charging

Oppo has not yet announced the timing of the release of real models of the named devices.

Oppo also unveiled its latest advances in smartphone-car interoperability — digital car key, Oppo Find X3 and Oppo Watch 2 remote car functions, and car fast charging.

The digital car key allows users to use Oppo smartphones to unlock the car via Bluetooth. The presence of a mobile network is not required for the digital key to work.

With Oppo Find X3 or Oppo Watch 2, users can remotely turn on the air conditioner via the app and also locate the car in the parking lot with a special alarm sound.

In addition, users can take advantage of Oppo’s Advanced Car Fast Charger, which supports the Oppo 65W VOOC standard and 40W VOOC wireless fast charging while on the move.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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