Project Iris: Google Is Developing New AR Glasses To Compete With Apple And Meta

Google has started developing augmented reality glasses. The project inside the company is called Project Iris — should be the answer to similar gadgets that Meta and Apple plan to introduce. As The Verge reports, Google will present the new AR glasses by 2024. 

Like future Meta and Apple devices, Google’s headset uses outward-facing cameras to capture an image of the real world, which is then mixed with computer graphics to create a more immersive mixed reality experience than current devices.

Apparently, there are already some prototypes at Google headquarters, which resemble the goggles worn by skiers. It uses Android as the operating system, although this could change in the future, and also necessary computing power is to be provided by an SoC developed by Google itself.

As with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, the processor should be specially designed for the requirements of the glasses. The Pixel team is also said to be involved in the development of Project Iris.

In order to keep the power consumption low and the capabilities high, Google is said to plan to render some content in its own cloud and stream it to the headset instead of having the entire calculation done on the headset. For this reason, the AR glasses should also require a constant internet connection.

According to The Verge, Project Iris will be kept very secret and developed in its own building with highly restricted access. The core team consists of around 300 people but will be expanded by several hundred over time. The project is said to be led by Clay Bavor, who also led the development of Google Lens and ARCore.

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