5 Reasons Why Kids Camp is Awesome on the Example of Newtonshow

Every child is different. Being a unique individual, they are growing and learning at their own pace. What we can do is help them express themselves. And this is where a kids camp can be of great value. A technology-driven environment allows children to develop critical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

With so many kids camps available, it can be hard to find the right fit for your child. At https://www.newtonshowcamp.com/summer-camp, you get familiar with one of the best facilities of that kind. Here are just five benefits that it can offer:

1. Reason: Self-esteem

Being able to leave their comfort zones makes children stronger, both physically and psychologically. They stop being afraid of new things by pushing boundaries. There is hardly any other sphere that would offer more development opportunities than technology. For example, children can build their own robots, program them to perform basic tasks, keep their performance smooth, and make some improvements if needed. The knowledge of what they can and can’t do affects their self-esteem to a great extent.

2. Reason: Independence

Everyone who spends time at the camp will master the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) concept. Working on a robot or making a laboratory experiment is a time-consuming process. Children are given a chance to express their own creativity through independent work. Although they can expect some help from teachers, they manage their work themselves. Away from parents, and outside of their normal life, children learn to be more independent in their thoughts, decisions, and actions.

3. Reason: Teamwork and respect

Apart from individual activities, children will also be involved in group projects. Working with others is a crucial skill that will help them build social ties in the future. Not all children easily find a common language with others. They need a little push. And building a robot in a group is a great way to make things work for them.

Teamwork helps children learn to respect their teammates, regardless of their appearances, nationalities, races, religions, social backgrounds, and so on. Through these experiences, they also become tolerant of different opinions.

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4. Reason: Screen-free enrichment

Living in a technological age means spending a lot of time in front of phone, tablet, and computer screens. This can hardly have any positive impact on a child’s health. At the same time, staying away from those screens is also hard to imagine. For many parents, screen devices have become nothing but a battleground.

Good holiday camps provide technology-based activities which make children work with their hands rather than with their eyes. A good balance between play and learning is exactly what you need to let your child succeed in technology. Just think about a science laboratory and a robotics room packed full of technology! Your child will never want to leave either of them.

5. Reason: Lifelong skills

Whatever children learn at the camp, they will be able to use it in their life. Being good at technology means knowing how to create new things, think analytically, and find solutions to complex problems. Although these skills are developed on a basic level, they will make up the basis for further technological competence. These lifelong skills will be required for future scientists, architects, engineers, and AI specialists. The world of technology keeps expanding non-stop, so your children are better to be prepared for future challenges.

Technologies require some of the most important lifelong skills, including creativity, problems solving, growth mindset, emotional intelligence, and data analysis. Attending Newtonshow camps will help children be prepared for whatever the future holds for them.


Whatever you expect from a kids camp, you should find one focusing on scientific knowledge, processes, strategies, and attitudes. The local program should teach children to view the pursuit of technology as meaningful and useful in daily life. Having qualified teachers with extensive experience will surely be an additional plus as children will be able to receive the necessary level of support throughout the learning process. Greatly, Newtonshow has all those things wrapped up into a single package. So it’s one of the best locations to consider for revealing talent potential.

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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