Aging Facebook: Facebook’s Services Are Hardly In Demand Among Teenagers

New leaked Facebook documents reveal that the social network is losing steam among teenagers.

According to The Verge, new internal reports, shared by a company researcher to his co-workers, make it clear that teenagers and young adults are losing interest in the platform. Documents that break down alarming figures, which reveal the target group that is less and less interested in the company’s services.

These documents, signed and presented by a researcher to other colleagues in the company, assure that since 2019 the percentage of adolescent Facebook users has dropped by 13%. In the future, this document expects the figure to fall 45% more in the next two years, causing a general decrease in users on a daily and monthly basis.

TikTok, Clubhouse and many other social networks aimed at young people have stolen prominence from Facebook.

The most surprising thing is that this fight is not just about Facebook. The problem has penetrated deep into the company, and for example, this same trend is being seen on Instagram. Those under 17 years of age and older are beginning to reduce their interaction with Instagram, despite how popular the application is and more than 60% of users who start their account do so privately.

The documents of this internal study also show the first ideas with which Facebook wants to counter the trend. Among other things, the company wants to greatly improve its group pages, offer new job search options via Facebook and introduce so-called mood feeds — and most importantly, Facebook is planning to rebrand the company with a new name.

According to a presentation by Facebook’s chief product officer, Chris Cox, most young adults “perceive Facebook as a place for people in their 40s and 50s. Young adults perceive content as boring, misleading, and negative.”

Reels of Instagram or WhatsApp, and Messenger are just some of the responses that Facebook has been putting on the table to respond to TikTok and the rest of the applications that have been assuming great competition for the company.

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