Apple Brings Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro to iPad, Offering Powerful Video and Music Editing On-The-Go

For people who prefer editing on the move, Apple’s announcement that they would be launching iPad-optimized versions of its video and music editing apps, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, is a fantastic news. Starting May 23, the two applications will be accessible on the iPad as a subscription for $4.99 per month or $49 per year.

Apple has improved the editing process with Final Cut Pro by including a new scrolling element that enables users to move clips, explore the timeline, and execute editing using only their fingers and multi-touch gestures. Additionally, the app has a Live Drawing function that enables you to write and draw immediately on top of your video material with your Apple Pencil, allowing users more creative flexibility. Additionally, iPad Pro users with the Apple M2 processor may preview video without touching the screen by using the hover function of the Apple Pencil, which simplifies editing.

Meanwhile, Logic Pro on iPad has received enhanced gesture support, as well as multi-touch support for playing instruments and interacting with controls. The program also includes a new sound browser that uses dynamic filtering to help users discover different types of sounds. Additionally, Apple has introduced a time and pitch conversion module for Logic Pro called Beat Breaker, which lets users reshape and shuffle sounds with a tap or pinch. The software also works with the Apple Pencil, enabling users to create detailed track automation.

Users will be able to test out both Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for one month without having to commit to a subscription. Additionally, users will be able to transfer files inside the Apple ecosystem and execute keyboard commands by linking the applications to Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard Folio, making it simple to continue working on another device.

Final Cut Pro for iPad is set to compete with other popular video editing tools like Davinci Resolve, which was optimized for iPad last year. Adding Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro to the iPad app store expands the creative capabilities of the iPad, allowing users to create professional-level content on a tablet.

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