High Tech Algorithm Ensures Fair & Random Results For iGaming Industry

One of the key selling points for iGaming is the technology involved making sure players get fair deal. Sophisticated algorithms are in place to solve this challenge, andthese impressive technological based algorithms guarantee the integrity of every spin of the slot and every table game.

On the other hand, when you play roulette or blackjack at a land-based casino in Atlantic City, the results are determined by the laws of physics. You see what happens with your own eyes and thus have no question marks over the results. When it comes to digital slot games and other casino games, how can we be so sure that these are not rigged so that always lose?

Well, if you were playing at an unregulated online casino located offshore, there’s certainly cause for concern. However, if you’re playing the best free online casino slots in NJ listed here, at casinos regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) your gaming experience is fair and random.

This is because the NJDGE requires all gaming operators and suppliers to use RNG (random number generator) software to determine the results. To ensure that this algorithm software is fair, the NJDGE also requires those RNGs to get tested by third-party testing companies to ensure they are fair.

What technology is in place to ensure slot machines in New Jersey are Fair?

The system is set up to use data centers inside land-based casinos. Both land-based slots and online slots connect through sophisticated networks to record every bet, spin, and paid amount. Not only is this convenient for the casino to keep track of profit/loss on the slot, but the tech programs also provide the exact ‘Return to Player’ percentage.

To comply with the regulatory authorities, each slot uses random number generator (RNG) technology that guarantees every spin is random. In other words, there is no way to rig the slot to guarantee a profit. However, by design, video slot tech is set up to give the casino a house edge. As a result, in the long run, the slot should in theory make a profit.

As long as you play a slot machine, land-based or online, regulated under the approved New Jersey gaming authorities, the technology in place under the proper legal framework guarantees the results are fair and proper.

How Does RNG Software Work?

When you’re playing a video slot, whether online or offline in New Jersey, RNG software will determine the result of every spin. Every second you play, this software creates billions of winning combinations per second and at the exact moment you press the spin button that software will stop on one of those combinations. However, while it is possible that RNG software can be manipulated to suit a casino, this technology and others including cyber security systems offering encrypted connections are all vetted by the NJDGE.

RNG testing companies will extensively test the algorithms produced by the slots and other RNG casino games to make sure that they really do provide random results. If these companies are satisfied, they will certify the slot so that the operator can offer it to its customers. Any casino found to have games that do not pass such certification could land in hot trouble with the NJDGE. This could mean financial penalties suspension or removal of licensing, and even criminal proceedings.

Is all iGaming technology covered under NJ gambling regulations?

In late November 2013, New Jersey became the first US state to regulate online casinos, which includes video slots in its agenda. Online casino tech platforms such as 888 Casino, BetMGM, Party Casino, Parx, PokerStars, DraftKings and local Atlantic City land-based casinos operating online casinos must have an approved license from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE).

This means all video slots found at online casinos and at land-based casinos in Atlantic City, operate using approved software, such as RNG algorithms. Game developers providing the slots must also hold NJDGE licensing, which requires multiple software tests to ensure the game delivery systems are safe and secure using encryption, data protection privacy software is in place, and sophisticated algorithms ensure random results every spin.

So, if you play slots in New Jersey at officially licensed casinos, you can have peace of mind that you’re enjoying a fair gaming experience. In fact, any state, country or jurisdiction that is regulated by a well-respected regulatory body will ensure that you get the fair experience that you deserve. It is when you find yourself at unregulated platforms that you should start to worry.

Jenna Jose
Jenna Jose
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