3 Things To Know About Nike Proxies

With so many proxies out there, it is hard to know which one to choose. There are proxies that people use for general purposes, such as anonymous browsing. Other proxies are more specialized such as being made for sneaker copping. Yet, an even more particular kind of proxies exists for copping specific brands of sneakers, such as Nike.

A question arises here about what Nike proxies are, and why you should choose them. Fortunately, we can make your life easier and summarize what’s important to know about Nike proxies into three main points.

Know about proxies

Proxies work as middlemen between you and the internet. They route your connection through an interim server, so the website cannot know your identity. Without a proxy, every website can track your activity, know your location and internet service provider. Such information is visible to them from your IP address.

An IP address is a unique string of numbers that identifies every device on the internet and enables the transfer of data between them. By routing your connection, proxies change the IP address and allow you to stay anonymous. Furthermore, you can use a couple of proxies to rotate different IP addresses.

There are many ways proxies can be categorized. There are proxies made to work with different sites, for example, social media platforms. But Nike proxies, being a subtype of sneaker proxies, are used to make multiple purchases on websites selling Nike sneakers.

Know sneaker proxies specifics

Sneaker proxies are meant for the task of buying a specific brand of sneakers. The need for specialization arises because the websites your bot targets are all unique. Sellers make them so not only for marketing purposes but to avoid one person copping all the supplies with a bot in one go.

Since sneakerheads are relentless in their efforts, they find ways to overcome most strategies against automation. The more the measure is widespread, the bigger are chances to find a solution. Therefore, most sneaker websites have distinct defense mechanisms unique only to them. 

To give you an idea, here are three of the toughest challenges that sneaker proxies, combined with sneaker bots, will help you overcome. 

The sneaker raffle gives only a couple of randomly selected customers the chance to purchase limited-edition sneakers. Retailers collect the contact information of participants who want to buy sneakers and, after waiting for some time, pick several of them as if in a lottery.

The raffle is a unique solution for sneaker sites, implemented by brands, such as Nike, after a series of failed attempts to drop new releases without bot interruption. The aim is to slow down the purchasing process allowing ordinary users to compete with the speed of bots.

A severe variation of a sneaker raffle takes the process offline and requires the buyer to physically come to the store and show some form of identification. But sometimes there are exceptions for loyal customers to get exclusive access and bypass the system entirely. 

However, these are rare cases as most buyers want the sneakers to be delivered and the whole process to remain online equally for all. Therefore, bots with plenty of Nike proxies can still dominate raffles.

Detailed monitoring of their website visitors is another measure implemented by Nike. They seek to track every IP address and look for whether there is any suspicious, bot-like activity or if one IP connects to more than one account. 

Sometimes a sort of virtual waiting room is implemented. It shows a timer and makes the customers wait before all checks are complete. If there are suspicions, other measures, such as CAPTCHAs, can be implemented that eventually result in an IP ban if the user is, in fact, a bot and not a real person.

Account limitations are a strict way for sellers to decide how many pairs of sneakers one account can purchase, and usually, it’s 2 or 3 pairs per account. That is why most sites, including nike.com, require some form of registration.

Additionally, accounts are limited for the number of IPs and locations. One IP address can only use one account, and the location of the connection has to be close to your shipping address.

These strategies are unique for Nike and other sneaker sites. For this reason, a distinct type of Nike proxies has to be used. They are tested to work against these measures and should not give you any IPs that are already suspicious or banned. 

Nike proxy providers also make sure they have locations relevant for copping Nikes. Different sites may have contrasting requirements for locations, so you need to have the greatest choice of possible IPs.

Residential proxies are the best choice

Residential proxies provide an IP address tied with an ordinary internet service provider (ISP) and a physical device. Such IPs are assigned to homeowners when they set up an internet connection. If they move to another location, a new residential IP must be assigned. 

For this reason, residential proxies are the most legitimate type of proxies. Websites that sell sneakers will have a hard time distinguishing your bot from an ordinary user. It is important for copping Nikes as the sellers are heavily investing in monitoring IPs. 

Additionally, residential proxies are best in accuracy and diversity of locations. Both these features together make residential proxies the best Nike proxies available. 

Other types of proxies, such as ones from datacenters, might work too, but they are less reliable in legitimacy and choice of locations. They are suited for different purposes and focus on exceeding features such as speed. Websites selling Nike sneakers tend to ban these proxies, but residential ones will often stay ban-free.


Nike proxies are a specialist’s choice for copping Nike sneakers. They bypass the defenses of websites by having relevant locations and ban-free IPs. The best of them are residential proxies, and your Nike copping game will never be the same.

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