Apple Suspends Production of M2 Series Chips Due to Sharp Drop in MacBook Demand

Apple faced a difficult situation in the first quarter of 2023 when it announced a dramatic reduction in revenue from its Mac devices. This forced the business to halt manufacturing its M2 series SoCs used in the current MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini models. According to the Elec, the manufacture of the chips was suspended early this year owing to a decline in demand for MacBooks.

At the Q1 2023 earnings release, Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed the company’s issues. Cook stated that the PC industry was declining and that Apple was experiencing issues, such as decreased sales of iPhones, wearables, and Macs. He remained hopeful, though, and believed that Apple was strategically well positioned in the market due to its competitive edge with Apple Silicon.

The M2 series chip manufacture was halted until February, and output quantities were reportedly half the previous year’s. The M2 series CPUs are a crucial component of the current MacBook models, so this was a big breakthrough for Apple. Apple’s decision to cease manufacturing was most likely triggered by a downturn in demand for MacBooks, resulting in a significant loss in Mac revenue.

Besides the difficulties, Apple announced that iPad revenue increased by 30% due to introduction of new M2-based models. This suggests that Apple’s approach of exploiting its competitive edge with Apple Silicon is working, despite a few hurdles in the short term. The company is still positive about its chances in the PC industry and will likely continue investing in Apple Silicon technology to preserve its competitive edge.

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