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ARM Takeover By Nvidia

FTC Files Lawsuit To Block Nvidia’s Purchase of ARM

Nvidia's purchase of ARM is in serious jeopardy following the filing of a blocking lawsuit by the powerful US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In September 2020, Nvidia bought ARM for 40,000 million dollars — although both companies...
Security Researchers Discover 55 Vulnerabilities On Apple Network

Apple Sues NSO Group: Creators Of Pegasus For Spying On iOS Users

Apple has filed a lawsuit against NSO Group — the company responsible for the Pegasus spyware that has generated so much controversy in various countries. Apple accuses the Israeli company of illegal surveillance of a number of iOS users using...
Fortnite via Nvidia getforce Now

Epic Games Blames Apple: Return Of Fortnite To App Store Can Take Up To...

Fortnite is not expected to return to Apple's App Store until the litigation with Epic Games is over. The iPhone company declined a request for the resumption, according to a letter from Apple that...
Fortnite Apple lawsuit

Apple Can No Longer Force App Developers To Use Its Payment System

The California Northern District Court Judge, Yvonne Gonzalez-Rogers, issued a verdict in the Apple v Epic Games case — the court sided with Apple on all but one issue. iPhone creators can no longer prohibit third-party developers...
whatsapp messenges illegal

GDPR Penalty: Whatsapp Has To Pay A Fine Of 225 Million Euros

The Data Protection Commission of Ireland (DPC) has imposed WhatsApp a fine of 225 million euros for violating European privacy rules.Based on the results of an investigation opened in December 2018, the commission concluded...
Apple news and stories and more

iOS Developers Are Allowed To Provide Information About Alternative Payment Methods

Apple has announced a series of changes related to the App Store. The most significant change is that iOS developers can now inform their users about the existence of other payment methods other than...
NOKIA news and stories

Nokia Is Suing Oppo For Patent Infringement

Nokia is taking legal action against Oppo in England, France, Germany and India. Nokia's allegations concern several patents that are important for the 5G wireless standard as well as patents for interface and security...
Call of Duty Mobile

Police Shut Down Multi-Million Dollar Video Games Cheat Operation

In a large-scale operation called Chicken Drumstick, the police in the Chinese city of Kunshan took action against a gang that is said to have made around $76 million from the sale of cheats...