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Nokia Is Suing Oppo For Patent Infringement

Nokia is taking legal action against Oppo in England, France, Germany and India. Nokia's allegations concern several patents that are important for the 5G wireless standard as well as patents for interface and security...
Call of Duty Mobile

Police Shut Down Multi-Million Dollar Video Games Cheat Operation

In a large-scale operation called Chicken Drumstick, the police in the Chinese city of Kunshan took action against a gang that is said to have made around $76 million from the sale of cheats...
Apple has decided to no longer include the charger with the new iPhone 12

Brazil Fines Apple $2 Million For Selling iPhone Without A Charger In The Box

Apple has received a millionaire fine for the controversial decision to remove the charger from the box of the latest iPhone 12 series.According to Engadget, the Brazilian state of São Paulo has decided to fine Apple...
Elon Musk CEO of SpaceX

Tesla Inc. Investor Sued Elon Musk Over Erratic Tweets

A Tesla Inc. investor is suing Tesla boss Elon Musk over tweets alleged to have had a negative impact on the company's price. According to the investor, the tweets have violated their agreement with...
How Facial Recognition Works

Facebook Pays $650 Million In Facial Recognition Lawsuit

Facebook pays $ 650 million to plaintiffs in a dispute over the use of facial recognition technology after years of litigation.A judge in California at the weekend approved the settlement of the parties in...
Australia And Facebook

Dispute Between Australia And Facebook Has Been Settled

Australia was the first country in the world to pass a digital media law that obliges large internet companies such as Google and Facebook to pay for the distribution of media companies' products.Media Bargaining...
Fortnite via Nvidia getforce Now

Epic Games Will Not Be Allowed To Pursue Its Lawsuit Against Apple In UK...

The creator of the popular game Fortnite, Epic Games, has failed in an attempt to carry its app store dispute with Apple to the UK.The UK antitrust tribunal dismissed a lawsuit from Epic. The...
Facebook news

Facebook Completely Blocks Australian Media Where Google Reaches An Agreement

In response to Australia's proposed new Media Bargaining law, Facebook will restrict publishers and people in Australia from sharing or viewing Australian and international news content. According to media reports, the blockade has already started. Facebook had already...